1. deviating from the common order, form, or rule; irregular; abnormal.
2. not fitting into a common, familiar, or expected type or pattern; unusual.

Are you an agency?

Let Anomalous be the development arm of your agency. We will be completely transparent in the entire process. You get the benefit of extending your service base without diluting your brand. You DESIGN We DEVELOP.

We offer custom web development solutions with our main focus being WordPress development. We can turn you unique custom design into a fully functional website.
Our services include:
  1. Custom Theme Development
  2. Custom Plugin Development
  3. WordPress Monthly Maintenance
  4. WordPress Optimization
  5. Specialized WordPress Hosting
  6. Custom PHP Development
We look forward to helping you with your next custom development project.
Development Services
Web Development, Specialised  JavaScript Scripting, Mobile Application Development, WordPress Development, Codeigniter Development, Agency Work and Social Media Development.

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WordPress Maintenance
Our WordPress maintenance contract will give you peace of mind that your site is secure, up to date, and provide you with knowledgeable development and consulting services for you to utilize when needed.

Protect your website
WordPress Optimization
This service is aimed at getting the best performance out of your WordPress website. Having a fast website could be one of the best ways of improving user experience and getting a better search engine ranking.

Optimize your Website

Some of the Brands we have developed custom solutions for.

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